What is Nip Energy Dip?

What is Nip Energy Dip?


Nip Energy Dip contains No Tobacco or Nicotine.

Infused with a blast of B-Vitamins and Caffeine, Nip gives you a boost of energy after your dip.

Each can contains approximately 70-80mg of Caffeine. This is equivalent to one medium size cup of coffee.

Nip Energy Dip is made from 100% Natural Sea Sponge harvested in Florida. The sea sponge feels like you have a real Dip in, and does not stain the teeth like other coffee and tea alternatives will do over time.

The sponge perfectly holds in the juice that you may swallow during your dip. We do not recommend swallowing the sea sponge.

Additionally, the juice cleans your mouth and gums supporting your Dental Health.

We supply Nip to Dentists who suggest the use of Nip over all other alternatives to their patients.

No Tobacco | No Nicotine

Nip Energy Dip Ingredients



  1. Josh McCafferty

    How could I get a sample to see which flavor I like. Something like a mint would be great to try

  2. Do you offer a free sample? What flavor do you have?

  3. Would love a free sample

  4. I would LOVE to try this out. Any Samples any where? I could really get a lot of people on this if I liked it…

  5. Would love a sample too, would like to try it before purchasing.

  6. Trying to find a way to quit. Do y’all have samples?

  7. Looks awesome would like to try a sample if that’s available

  8. Can a sample be sent out of the flavors? Very interested.

  9. Would like to try a sample please

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