What is Nip Energy Dip?

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Nip Energy Dip Ingredients

Nip is quickly becoming the most effective alternative to smokeless chewing tobacco.

Nip Energy Dip is available in long cut style. Always refreshing.

Hand blended formula, Nip provides the user with an authentic and refreshing experience in each can of dip.

Product contains No Tobacco and No Nicotine.

Users looking to quit chewing tobacco can spit the juice produced.

Users simply seeking a healthier energy boost can swallow the juice for a more effective boost of energy.

Either method works depending on your personal preference and use.

Why Quit? Nip the Grip.

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  1. Josh McCafferty

    How could I get a sample to see which flavor I like. Something like a mint would be great to try

  2. Do you offer a free sample? What flavor do you have?

  3. Would love a free sample

  4. I would LOVE to try this out. Any Samples any where? I could really get a lot of people on this if I liked it…

  5. Would love a sample too, would like to try it before purchasing.

  6. Trying to find a way to quit. Do y’all have samples?

  7. Looks awesome would like to try a sample if that’s available

  8. Can a sample be sent out of the flavors? Very interested.

  9. Would like to try a sample please

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