Energy Infused Sea Sponge? Yeah Right

Nip Energy Dip ReviewWe received this feedback from Nip user Christian and wanted to share.

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Christian says…

Nip the grip really spiked my curiosity. Energy infused sea sponge? Yeah right..

Well, I figured I’d try it, and asked for a free sample. What do ya know, I actually got a sample! There are very few companies that actually send out free product for consumers to try.

The sample came roughly in the next 2 weeks. I tried some with my buddy, and it was great! Sweet taste, good feel, and good alternative!

Thanks nip the grip! I’m looking forward to more flavors!


  1. I don’t like the Wintergreen flavor at all. Do you have a varity?

  2. Can I get a free sample to see if I like it?

  3. I have been chewing for 20 years and I bought a few cans of the nip ice . I just ordered more it is great !!!!!! How do you get a sample of the other flavors. I am sure they are great like the ice but it would be nice to try it 1st

  4. Love the product, just wish it was more cost friendly.

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