Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will there be more flavors?

A: Mixed Berry & Coffee will available September 2018. We also were looking to add on Vanilla again.


Q:Is Nip Energy Dip bad for my teeth and gums like the other alternatives I have tried that use coffee and tea grinds? 

A: That is one of the best qualities about Nip Energy Dip. We use all natural materials that will never stain your teeth overtime like tea and coffee will. We also include pure xylitol in the formula which acts as a cleaning agent promoting the health of your teeth and gums. We supply Dentists and Doctors with Nip Energy Dip to hand out to patients.

Q:I am looking for a sugar free alternative and this has sucralose. What does this mean?

A:Effects may vary for each user but for the most part Nip is safe for users avoiding sugar. We use sucralose for the sweetener in our recipe because it is sweet and does not affect your blood stream like sugar does. Sucralose is also known as Splenda sometimes, this is typically safe for people with diabetes, type 2 in particular.

Q: Why does Nip seem more expensive compared to other alternatives?

A: Nip Energy Dip is made from 100% natural organic sea sponge harvested in Florida. This material is more valuable than coffee and tea, which most other alternatives are made from. Additionally, many people assume Nip is more expensive than other alternatives when seeing the initial cost. There is FREE SHIPPING on ALL Orders. This makes it around the same as other alternatives who charge for shipping, plus you are using top of the line materials inside your mouth for around the same price as cheaper more damaging materials like coffee and tea.

Q:Can you swallow the juice produced from the sea sponge?

A: Nip Energy Dip’s refreshing juice was designed for you to swallow. While you may certainly swallow or spit out the juice to your liking, DO NOT swallow the sea sponge itself.

Q: Do you plan to offer the Raw, Wintergreen, or other flavors in the future?

A: We have 3 Flavors at the moment, Wintergreen, Peach, and Vanilla. More will be added in the future.

Q: What’s the difference between Nip Ice and Raw (Raw flavor currently unavailable)?

A: Nip Ice is Wintergreen flavor. We recently changed the label on the can from saying Ice to Wintergreen. Raw is not available at the moment.

Q: Is NiP really safe?
A: Yes. NiP the ENERGY DIP is made with natural sea sponge that is infused with Vitamin B-12, Caffeine, and natural flavorings which are all FDA approved ingredients. But please, use your head for more than a hat rack, and DO NOT SWALLOW the NiP sea sponge… just the Energy Juice!

Q: Does NiP really taste and feel like a dip of smokeless tobacco?
A: Yes. Lifelong tobacco users have actually stated that they like the “pack” and feel of a NiP in their lip BETTER than a dip or chew. NiP completely satisfies the oral fixation that dippers demand while unloading a healthy dose of FLAVOR and ENERGY that dippers crave. Plus, unlike tobacco, you CAN SPIT or SWALLOW the NiP juice. That is just another reason to NiP – No more nasty spit cups!

With NiP the ENERGY DIP: “Spittin’ is optional, nicotine is not!”

Q: How much caffeine is there in a can of Nip?
A: Each CAN contains approximately 70-80 mg caffeine, which is about the equivalent of ONE medium size cup of coffee.

Q: Are there any banned substances or performance enhancing drugs in NiP?
A: No. The ingredients used in NiP are FDA approved and contain zero banned substances or drugs. NiP is classified as a dietary supplement.

Q: Where can I buy NiP?
A: NiP is available for purchase in our online store, and at these retail locations. Free Shipping on ALL Orders places on the website.

Q: Who should I contact regarding NipTheGrip investment or distribution opportunities?
A: We welcome all inquiries via our contact form.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We accept returns if the cans have not been used, opened, or label ripped. You will be refunded once we receive the cans at our facility.


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  5. Do you have to be 18 or older to buy this.

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  8. I was wondering how I could get a sample before ordering to see if I like it

  9. love the stuff .i think it needs to be put in a pouch for longer use.then you don’t have to worry about swallowing the sponge.but it is a great product

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