December 16, 2012

What is Nip Energy Dip?

Learn more about the Amazing Nip Energy Dip Below:


Nip Energy Dip Ingredients


  Nip Energy Dip is a Smokeless Tobacco Alternative with Caffeine.

Nip Energy Dip is available in long cut style.

At the moment we have Wintergreen IcePeach, Mixed Berry and Coffee Flavors. 

Hand blended formula, Nip provides the user with an authentic and refreshing experience in each can of dip.

Product contains No TobaccoNo NicotineNo Sugar.

The Caffeine in a serving a Nip Energy Dip is equivalent to one medium sized cup of coffee.

The formula is infused with a gum and teeth cleaning agent for dental hygiene which keeps your teeth and gums fresh and healthy.

Users looking to quit chewing tobacco can spit or swallow the juice produced depending on how you typically dip.

Users simply seeking a healthier energy boost we recommend to swallow the juice for a more effective boost of energy.

Either method works depending on your personal preference and use.

Why Quit? Nip the Grip.

Visit FAQ page for more info on product.




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