What is Nip Energy Dip?

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Nip Energy Dip Ingredients


  Nip Energy Dip is a Smokeless Tobacco Alternative with Caffeine.

Nip Energy Dip is available in long cut style.

At the moment we have Wintergreen IcePeach, Mixed Berry and Coffee Flavors. 

Hand blended formula, Nip provides the user with an authentic and refreshing experience in each can of dip.

Product contains No TobaccoNo NicotineNo Sugar.

The Caffeine in a serving a Nip Energy Dip is equivalent to one medium sized cup of coffee.

The formula is infused with a gum and teeth cleaning agent for dental hygiene which keeps your teeth and gums fresh and healthy.

Users looking to quit chewing tobacco can spit or swallow the juice produced depending on how you typically dip.

Users simply seeking a healthier energy boost we recommend to swallow the juice for a more effective boost of energy.

Either method works depending on your personal preference and use.

Why Quit? Nip the Grip.

Visit FAQ page for more info on product.





  1. Josh McCafferty

    How could I get a sample to see which flavor I like. Something like a mint would be great to try

  2. Do you offer a free sample? What flavor do you have?

  3. Would love a free sample

  4. I would LOVE to try this out. Any Samples any where? I could really get a lot of people on this if I liked it…

  5. Hello been dipping for not very long and wanting a better alternative to dipping tobacco or smoking a cig or chewing on a nicotine gum. Is there a possibility of obtaining a free sample?

  6. Could I also get a free sample?

  7. Would love a sample too, would like to try it before purchasing.

  8. Trying to find a way to quit. Do y’all have samples?

  9. Looks awesome would like to try a sample if that’s available

  10. Can a sample be sent out of the flavors? Very interested.

  11. Are you guys still up and running? I’m trying to quit chew but want to try some before I buy them in bunches if that’s possible

  12. Please send a sample of wintergreen to:
    Mark Gardner
    325 Akita Run Rd
    Highlandville, Mo. 65669
    Looking to quit tobacco…

  13. Do you still do samples? I need to try this..

  14. Would like to try a sample please

  15. I’d love to try a sample. I’m in a college and have a ton of buddies who dip and could really give y’all some business

  16. This is a great idea, is there anyway I could get a wintergreen sample?

  17. Can try a free sample plz

  18. Can you send a free sample to try it

  19. Do you have any samples would love to try it out! Peach sounds good

  20. would love to try this. I’ve been looking for ways to quit for about 5 years and have not been successful. Any way I can try a sample?

  21. Anyway I can get a free sample lookin to quit

  22. Can I get a free sample of wintergreen?

  23. Any chances for a sample as well?

  24. Would love to try something to finally quit. If you do samples could I try some?

  25. Can I get a free sample

  26. I would really like to sample the peach

  27. Is there any way I could get a free sample to see which flavor to get in the future? Thanks

  28. I would like a free sample. I need to quit tobacco!

  29. Do you spit it or swallow it?

  30. Would love to try it before i buy it do you do free samples

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