December 3, 2012

About the Product

Learn why our satisfied customers love Nip Energy Dip and have made the switch:


Seeming a bit weird at first, many come to find that the material Nip is made with, completely mocks the feeling of real chewing tobacco in your gums. We use all natural material based from organically harvested sea sponge. Using this material allows us to have the closest feeling to real dip as possible. Nip Energy Dip feels just like a real dip in your lip and satisfies your cravings for tobacco and nicotine.


Nip Energy Dip is refreshing and tasty. All of our flavors are carefully hand blended creating the smooth and rich flavor in each can of dip. We have Wintergreen Ice, Peach and Mixed Berry&Coffee.


Most chewing tobacco alternatives out there use grinds of tea leafs and coffee beans. We choose to use a material that is beneficial for the health of gums and teeth. Unlike tea and coffee, our material will never stain the teeth. We also add in pure xylitol to the recipe acting as a cleaning agent and aid in the health of teeth and gums. Nip is refreshing and full of flavor. Stop using dried up coffee and tea pouches that stain teeth.

Along with these three incomparable characteristics, Nip Energy Dip will also provide you a healthy boost of energy.

Dip safely and feel energized all day with Nip Energy Dip.


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