Awesome Product! NiP ICE Even Freshens Your Breath!

“As a casual user of smokeless tobacco for most of my life, I never really considered the all the dangers of cancer causing chemicals being part of an occasional ‘chew’. I just thought that spitting and the ever present ‘spit cup’ were the only nasty things about smokeless. Now, of course, I know different. ‘Cancer ain’t cool.’ Finally a product has come along that satisfies my need to put something in my mouth when hunting, fishing, going to a game or just working in the yard. NiP has the tingle I like to feel along with great flavor. AND, it is all natural, clean and healthy! Thank God and thank you Lee Lewis for this wonderful product!”

“After being a dipper for 25 years, I have QUIT thanks to NiP! I recommend it to anyone that wants the oral fix of dip and ENERGY BOOST without the need for a nasty spit cup and FEAR of CANCER! Awesome Product! NiP ICE even freshens your breath unlike dip! ~ Don Mitchell

Former Cincinnati Reds player and longtime Major League scout and Diamondbacks first Director of Scouting.

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