Energy Infused Sea Sponge? Yeah Right

Nip Energy Dip ReviewWe received this feedback from Nip user Christian and wanted to share.

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Christian says…

Nip the grip really spiked my curiosity. Energy infused sea sponge? Yeah right..

Well, I figured I’d try it, and asked for a free sample. What do ya know, I actually got a sample! There are very few companies that actually send out free product for consumers to try.

The sample came roughly in the next 2 weeks. I tried some with my buddy, and it was great! Sweet taste, good feel, and good alternative!

Thanks nip the grip! I’m looking forward to more flavors!


  1. I don’t like the Wintergreen flavor at all. Do you have a varity?

  2. Can I get a free sample to see if I like it?

  3. Can I get a free sample of the straight please?

  4. I want a sample before I spend any money on something I might not like

  5. I have been chewing for 20 years and I bought a few cans of the nip ice . I just ordered more it is great !!!!!! How do you get a sample of the other flavors. I am sure they are great like the ice but it would be nice to try it 1st

  6. Love the product, just wish it was more cost friendly.

  7. Kenneth shrewsberry

    Can I get a free sample

  8. I’m a 7th grader who plays football and I’ve heard to many sorties about pre workout so I quit, is it okay for me to dip this??

  9. i love this product but i think its really hard to pinch. i try to get one pinch and i end up makeing a mess.

  10. I was wondering if I could receive a free sample?

  11. Can we get a sample we would like Wintergreen
    Send to this address 9243 S 775 E
    Carbon 47837

  12. I’d love to try this as an alternative too Copenhagen snuff, could I get a free sample of ice?

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