Nip Energy Feedback From RWD

Nip Energy Dip ReviewsWe received this awesome review from Nip user RWD the other day and we wanted to share it with the Nip faithful. Do you have thoughts on Nip Energy Dip? We’d love to hear from you! Send them in and we’ll get them posted.

Submitted by RWD

You guys graciously, quickly, and enthusiastically responded to my inquiry and request for a sample. You sent me a packet of wintergreen ice flavor. I am impressed with the bright flavor and ample juiciness. The texture feels natural to me as well. I greatly am enjoying this sample and will be ordering more as soon as possible. I appreciate your creating and backing up such a great product with enthusiastic polite customer service. I am already craving another nip chew, even more so than another tobacco chew! Thank you very much! ~ RWD

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  1. I would like to try and sample of ice if you so graciously would fill my request…..thanks in advance Kimbelry

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