Nip Energy Dip Wintergreen 2-3 Can Pack


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Nip is infused with B-Vitamins and caffeine. The juice produced from your dip is safe and was designed for you to swallow or spit out.

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3 reviews for Nip Energy Dip Wintergreen 2-3 Can Pack

  1. Nip User

    Best dip alternative I have tried. The taste is good, the sponge is strange at first but it expands really well into your dipping nook in your lip.

  2. Nip User

    I’ve tried them all, this is the only alternative that actualy feels like the real deal. Soft flavorfull and kicks the temptations. Yes its a little shocking when you open up the can and see the sponges pieces but dont let it deter you. Will be ordering some more today. Hopefully you all can get some diffrent flavors out.

  3. Nip User

    As many other reviewers have said, it looks a little different. It doesn’t look like any other tobacco or tobacco alternative product. So I was a little apprehensive to try at first. But I took a pinch and tried it. It packs well between your cheek and gum which is often a problem with other alternatives. And the taste is great and surprising long lasting. Which is helpful since a single can purchase is kind of pricey. I’ll definitely be getting more as I try to quit tobacco.

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