Lee Lewis Founded Nip Energy Dip After Advice From Daughter

Nip Energy Dip found Lee Lewis tells the story of his inspiration behind the product.  His oldest daughter urged him to quit dipping so he wouldn’t die prematurely.

Video Transcription

Lee Lewis’ story begins at the age of ten when as an impressionable bat boy at Florida State he took a dip of Skoal for the first time.

“I’ll never forget it.  I got sick as a dog.  But I became hooked to tobacco and for 25 years I was a can per day Copenhagen user.”

Then in 2006, Lewis was standing on a dock in Amelia Island, Florida, teaching his daughters how to cast when his older daughter turned to him.

“My oldest daughter looked at me and said, ‘Daddy, if you don’t quit dipping you’re going to die’.  That was the proverbial ‘lightning bolt from above’ as God spoke through my oldest daughter to my heart.”

That night, Lewis had a dream.

“In the dream, I was on Oprah Winfrey’s show explaining to Oprah and a world wide audience how God had given me a vision to help people.”

And that’s when Lee Lewis, in the mortgage business at the time, founded Nip The Grip and entered a new chapter in his life.

“At the age of 36, I was given my true purpose and calling in life.”

Designed to help people break free from the powerful grip of nicotine addiction, Nip is a safe, natural and ingestible alternative to smokeless tobacco.

“Like tobacco, our intended audience is for those ages 18 and up.  We really target the sportsman market, the hunters, the fishers, the athletes, body builders, weight lifters.  The main market is for anybody out there that wants to enjoy some oral satisfaction without the nasty side effects of tobacco.”

Nip is made from natural sea sponge that’s been infused with vitamin B-12, caffeine and other natural flavorings.  The result is a safe product that combines the oral gratification of a dip with the jolt of an energy drink – minus the calories.

“The greatest thing about Nip is that it can be swallowed.  The juice is intended to be swallowed to give you that energy boost.”

Nip currently comes in one awesome flavor – Nip Ice.

“Nip Ice is loaded with wintergreen flavoring.  It is very refreshing and you certainly know you have something in your mouth.  It is absolutely delicious.”

In the short time it’s been around, Nip The Grip has replaced tobacco for countless athletes and coaches.  But Lewis knows his work has just begun.

“I’m so happy that my dad invented Nip Energy Dip so he won’t dip any more and now he can help other people not dip.”

“Tobacco is a killer.  It’s proven to kill 375,000 people a year.  So if I can save one person, if I can just save myself then Nip is a success.”


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