Lee Lewis Talks About His Vision For Nip Energy Dip

After a 25 year long addiction to Copenhagen where he would go through more than a can per day, Nip Energy Dip founder Lee Lewis had a vision.  He needed to quit and he wanted to help others break free from their addiction to smokeless tobacco.

Video Transcription

“After a 25 year addiction to Copenhagen, a can a day, I had a vision to help people.”

“I had a void in my heart that I wanted to fill.”

“I thought he was going to die.”

“And it’s through my own weakness and my addiction to smokeless tobacco that I was able to quit.”

“It was so nasty.”

“But I wasn’t satisfied.  I had this vision to help others, including myself, stop dipping and I’m here just to share with you Nip Energy Dip.”

“Thanks Dad for Nip’in… Not dip’in.”

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