Nip Energy Dip On 47 Action News In Jacksonville

47 Action News in Jacksonville, Florida ran this story about Nip Energy Dip founder Lee Lewis.  In this video, you’ll find out the story behind Lee’s vision for Nip, why he founded the company and how the product is made from natural sea sponge.

Video Transcription 

A local man with a deadly addiction changed his entire life around with the help of his seven year old daughter.  Action News’ Dee Registre has his story from Nassau County.

There isn’t much a seven year old can do.  But when Lee Lewis’ daughter told him he was going to die, it changed his life.

“I knew that I was a statistic waiting to happen.”

For 25 years, Lewis always kept a pinch of chewing tobacco in his mouth and he knew the habit was going to send him to the hospital someday.

“It was like a crutch that I needed to deal with stress and deal with the realities of the day.”

But it was his daughter’s warning about his habit that got him to create Nip Energy Dip.  It’s a tobacco free dip meant to help him end his addiction.

“It is shredded natural sea sponge that is infused with vitamin B-12, caffeine and a wintergreen mint ice flavor.”

The sponges grow in Tarpon Springs and are made into the dip in Largo.  So far it’s been shipped to all 50 states and Canada through online sales.

“It was ultimately the fear of not being around for my daughters and my family that drove me to develop this product.”

And he hopes it helps others kick their addiction to tobacco so they can be with their families too.  Reporting from Nassau County, Dee Registre, CBS 47 Action News.

You can find Nip Energy Dip at any S&S Convenience Store.  You can also learn more about the tobacco alternatives on our website at

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