Seven Months Later I Am Tobacco Free

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your product. It has truly changed my life and probably added about 20 years. I chewed Red Man, Beachnut and Levi Garrett in my early years playing sports. When I was about 25 and got a real job, I found that this habit was really and messy in an office environment. One night I was out with my friends playing in a Dart League Tournament. I was offered some Skoal. Since that moment I was going through a can a day. The way I calculated it was 10,950 cans in 30 years. Can you imagine what that can do to your tongue, lip, check and stomach? I was on High Blood Pressure medication. I have always been active so that was not really a problem. The problem was my bottom jaw was eroding. My teeth were loose. The white cancer stuff was all over the place. My mouth hurt every morning. I would still go to the Dentist and have work done and get them cleaned. Every time my Dentist gave me a referral to a Surgeon. After 3 years he walked me out to my truck and said quote, ” I will not treat you in my office again unless you quit chewing and go to a surgeon.” I tried chewing gum, fruit seeds and everything. I was powerless against Skoal. Somehow, the good Lord, made me Google “Fake tobacco or something”. That is how I got to your website. Seven months later I am tobacco free. I can’t lie, I ran out one day on the Golf Course and my friend had some Skoal. Boy, was that a mistake! I almost got sick like the first time I chewed it 30 years ago. My whole mouth seems to have repaired about 75% of the damage. I really would like to thank you for sharing the product.” ~ Mark Powell (Scottsdale, Arizona)

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