Short But Sweet – Feedback From Greg M.

Nip ReviewWe received this quick review from Nip user Greg M. the other day and we wanted to share it with the Nip Energy Dip faithful. Do you have thoughts on Nip Energy Dip? We’d love to hear from you! Send them in and we’ll get them posted.

Submitted by Greg M.

I was thoroughly pleased with the product. It has a great mouth feel, like the way it packs feels very similar to tobacco. And it had a lot of flavor that I found to be pleasant. I think the sample was mint but I will be checking out your other flavors. I plan to place an order soon. Thank you for the sample. ~ Greg M.


  1. I had dipped Copenhagen for over 30 years. Never tried to quit. Finally decided to stop forever. I tried some coffee grounds and ground tea leave products. I didn’t care for the “pack” in my lip. I love the way this packs. I never even liked a mint or wintergreen chew before but this one delivers a nice flavor. If your serious about quitting I recommend that you give this product a try.

  2. I just received a sample and , well, I LIKE IT!! I think this will help me quit tobacco because the Nip gives me the mental edge I need.
    Bill P.

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