December 3, 2012


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The sea sponge is extremely like tobacco in terms of texture. It’s awesome. Would like to see some new flavors, but man is this a great product. Good juice out of it as well.

I bought this for my husband who works at a job that requires him to work overnights to keep him from turning to tobacco. He loves It! He loves it because it he doesn’t have to worry about stuff in his teeth or the bad aftertaste of tobacco. He was skeptical at first, but he tried it last night along with another brand’s and he prefers this one. He even had some of his friends try it and they liked it too.

As many other reviewers have said, it looks a little different. It doesn’t look like any other tobacco or tobacco alternative product. So I was a little apprehensive to try at first. But I took a pinch and tried it. It packs well between your cheek and gum which is often a problem with other alternatives. And the taste is great and surprising long lasting. Which is helpful since a single can purchase is kind of pricey. I’ll definitely be getting more as I try to quit tobacco.

I am not a dipper, but a former smoker that switched to vaping 8 years ago which I want to quit as well, I found this has done the trick, great flavor that lasts too. The sponge take a little to get used to but after you past that phase its a pleasant experience. Not sure they send free cans but I would have wrote a review anyways as it is a good product.

Very different from the Smokey Mountain alternatives. Based on sea sponge which has a rather unusual but pleasant consistency. There is no residue that stays in your mouth or sticks to your teeth. It’s a coffee based dip with a nice flavor. Touted as an energy dip. Appears to have about the same “hit” as a half cup of coffee. Bought one can to try. Think I’ll get some more. Can’t wait to try it while driving a long distance to see if it really does provide a dose of energy

I’ve tried them all, this is the only alternative that actualy feels like the real deal. Soft flavorfull and kicks the temptations. Yes its a little shocking when you open up the can and see the sponges pieces but dont let it deter you. Will be ordering some more today. Hopefully you all can get some diffrent flavors out.

This stuff gets an A+! For years my husband has “wanted” to quit.. but couldn’t give it up. I recently bought a single can of 7 different brands of nicotine free chew. He tried each can … Unsatisfied with each. The 1st dip he took of this chew (I prepared him it was pieces of sponge) he immediately liked it. I’ve since ordered many more for him. He has gone 3 days now on this chew and has been able to avoid the Copenhagen he has lived on. WORTH A TRY!!


From Facebook:

Hey yall,
Just wanted to write in and say how much I like your product. I work in the oil and gas industry around other professionals who constantly use tobacco products. As a dipper of nearly ten years, I knew my health was at risk, but found it almost impossible to quit while working in this industry…. That was, until I found Nip Energy Dip. This stuff really tastes good AND scratches that “itch”!

Anyways, I don’t usually write reviews or provide feedback, but felt compelled since I recently celebrated my first 12 months without partaking in any form of smokeless tobacco! Yall helped me change my life and I cannot be more appreciative. Keep on keepin on!


I had dipped Copenhagen for over 30 years. Never tried to quit. Finally decided to stop forever. I tried some coffee grounds and ground tea leave products. I didn’t care for the “pack” in my lip. I love the way this packs. I never even liked a mint or wintergreen chew before but this one delivers a nice flavor. If your serious about quitting I recommend that you give this product a try.~ Brad C.

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4 days. 3 different products tried. this one works very well for me. Great energy boost and the sea sponge simulates the texture of Copenhagen, 35+ years of chewing. Thanks for a great product to help STOP,……not just quit~ Brad.

Thanks to @NiPEnergyDip for hooking it up! Check out this great alternative to chewing tobacco. #NipTheGrip~ Austin C. 


10 minutes into my first @NiPEnergyDip and never looking back this stuff is amazing what a product ! Thanks a lot guys~Ethan M.

Big thanks to @NiPEnergyDip for the hookup. Tobacco free and nicotine free. It’s great stuff, check them out!~ Collin R.

S/O to @NiPEnergyDip for the great tasting, tobacco free energy dip! This stuff is awesome~ Spencer M.

Thank you for the sample, giving it a whirl now. First 15 minutes I’m impressed.~ Nick M. 

I am impressed with the bright flavor and ample juiciness. The texture feels natural to me as well. ~ RWD

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Hi Chris and Lee, I am on my third order. I have successfully been off of dip for 134 days thanks to a large extent to your product. I am loving being dip free. This will be going to my friend and she will be bringing it here to Germany. ~ Greg Zientek

I received your product a few weeks ago and love it. I haven’t had a dip in two weeks. Really like the ‘feel’ of Nip the Grip. ~ Alex L.

I am 24 years old and have dipped since I was 15. I Stopped when I was 19 only to start up again previously. I couldn’t believe how fast I brought the habit back upon myself. I needed a solution because my health was at risk.

NIP is an amazing alternative. For me it actually feels like the substance of tobacco. I shared it with my friend who also dipped and he fell in love with this. He said he was ordering cases upon cases. ~ Anthony Bacarella

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this wonderful product. I have been using snus for 3 years and was hooked bad. I have 2 kids and a wonderful wife and the thought of cancer started getting to me bad. I tried quitting cold turkey, nicotine gum and even electronic cigarettes but none helped. This has given me a new lease on life, I can now have the sensation of real dip but without the worry of cancer. My kids will not have to worry about dad leaving them early because of a stupid habit. God bless you and your company for saving my life. ~ Brent Gibson

I’m a can a day Grizzly wintergreen dipper and desperate to kick the habit. Nip is the first alternative that I’ve put in my mouth that closely resembles the consistency of real dip. I’m so thankful that you guys put this out and hopefully I can stick with Nip long enough to save my own life and be there for my wife and son. Blessings to you and your company. I pray you keep growing for the lives of us guys that are trying to quit. ~ Chris R. Conley

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your product. It has truly changed my life and probably added about 20 years.

I chewed Red Man, Beachnut and Levi Garrett in my early years playing sports. When I was about 25 and got a real job, I found that this habit was really and messy in an office environment. One night I was out with my friends playing in a Dart League Tournament. I was offered some Skoal. Since that moment I was going through a can a day. The way I calculated it was 10,950 cans in 30 years.
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I just tried your product tonight! What a concept using sea sponge as the carrier and for texture! The taste is awesome – not overpowering – and lasts forever! I am a 35-year dipper, and am impressed, to say the least! I just can’t get over the sea sponge as a carrier for the vitamin B-12! I wish now I would have ordered more than one can, but I needed to sample it first! Thank you for this product! Our market needs products like this for an alternative to tobacco, and it also gives you gums a change in texture! ~ Tim

“Being an avid outdoorsman and head baseball coach all my life, I have seen firsthand the addiction and harmful effects of smokeless tobacco. NiP is the first alternative product to come along that offers hunters, fishermen, athletes, and coaches a satisfying solution to tobacco. I support Nip 100%! ~ Dusty Rhodes

Head Baseball Coach (2009 ABCA Hall of Fame Inductee)
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL

Last July I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. I had none of the risk factors associated with this cancer – never smoked or used smokeless tobacco. At that time, I was working out at the gym, eating healthy and enjoying life. My daughter was married in June, 2010, and it was one of the happiest days of my life. My world was changed overnight. After several biopsies, it was determined that I had stage 4 nasopharyngeal carcinoma. They had found cancer in two lymph nodes and could not find the primary cancer. Because of this, it required a very extensive treatment plan. Over the next 5 months, I had 4 surgeries (which included a feeding tube), 3 extensive chemo treatments and 7 weeks (35 treatments) of radiation treatments to my neck area.
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As a casual user of smokeless tobacco for most of my life, I never really considered the all the dangers of cancer causing chemicals being part of an occasional ‘chew’. I just thought that spitting and the ever present ‘spit cup’ were the only nasty things about smokeless. Now, of course, I know different. ‘Cancer ain’t cool.’ Finally a product has come along that satisfies my need to put something in my mouth when hunting, fishing, going to a game or just working in the yard. NiP has the tingle I like to feel along with great flavor. AND, it is all natural, clean and healthy! Thank God and thank you Lee Lewis for this wonderful product!
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“Being the team dentist for the Tampa Bay Rays, I wanted to provide to them a means to change their tobacco habit. Each day I see the direct effect of smokeless tobacco on patients gums, tongue, throat and teeth. I wanted to help these young ball players change their lives and rid themselves of the effects of tobacco. Nip Energy Dip was that answer.
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“Hey there, I spoke to a couple of you at the winter meetings. My roommate here in college is a big time dipper and I brought some of your samples back to him. He tried them one morning when he was out of dip and said they were the best alternative to dip he had ever tried. I know you guys were looking for some input on the product and he said the only thing that he had a problem with was how fast the flavor was gone. Other than that he said it was really cool…still haven’t gotten him to stop, but hopefully your guys’ product will help him get there. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me at the Trade Show and for giving me those samples. Good luck guys.” ~ Nick Goodspeed

“All I can say is wow! That is the second time this morning that Romans 12:1-2 has come up. God is too good. As a side bar, I have tried many different kinds of dip; various flavors and cuts by all different companies. In other words, I would love to be on your “advisory board” and hope that my background would help me to contribute input that is worthwhile. Lee, you, your company and mission will be in my prayers. I like to read Joshua 1: 8-9 when starting in new endeavors.” ~ Your brother in the Lord, Eric

“I just want to thank you for the opportunity to rid myself of a 33 year addiction. I ordered a can to try yesterday and can’t wait to try it. I have a story similar to yours. My daughter asked me to quit and I am going to do whatever I can to please her.” ~ Mark

“I purchased a few cans of wintergreen from you at TA Sports last week. This is an unbelievable product. Curious for more info, i hit the website. What are the ingredients. I am certain any ingredients included are a better alternative to smokeless tobacco.

The sea sponge is genius. I have tried many tobacco alternatives over the years and the biggest problem is not taste, it is the texture. I really can’t tell the difference with the pinch of sponge. I noticed straight and raw flavors being available. Is raw more natural like Copenhagen? The only downside I found with the wintergreen product is that it was wintergreen. I would be interested in trying the others but did not know they were available.

Thanks and best of luck with you product. I will share with my friends.” ~ Jeremy

“Lee, hey I met your business partner in Montana last month (May) he gave me a few sample can of Nip and I am stoked about it! I am in the military and have been chewing Copenhagen for years and of course my wife has been on me to quite, but I have not found an alternative that I was willing to give it up for, however I think you guys have come up with one that will work out great for me! He told me that you had one that was similar to Copenhagen and I am assuming that it is the Nip Raw and I am going to order some of it now and hope that it is as good as the winter green samples that he gave me to try out. Thanks for a great product!”

“Hello Lee and Meredith My name is Glenn Adams and I live in Fleming Island (Eagle Harbor). I was given a can of wintergreen NIP b Gary Rich. I believe he played in a golf event with you guys. Anyway I have been chewing for 28 years since I was 13. I started with Hawken and than Skoal,Copenhagen and have been on Kodiak for the last 20 or so years. I am very happily married and have been blessed with 3 awesome kids who have been on me to quit for many years and believe me when I say I have tried many times but as an avid golfer and having a son who travels everywhere playing baseball its been too hard not to chew. Well let me tell you I haven’t chewed in THREE WEEKS!! The big cravings are gone and yesterday 2 dips of Nip over 18 holes was great! I can swallow this stuff, drink water with it, no nasty chew cups in the house and the wintergreen lasts a long time. This stuff will no doubt help many long time chewers like you and I quit and quit for good! I would love to help you in anyway I can get this out to the public. Feel free to contact me anytime. I am not an investor but I do possess some sales skills. I would love to get an opportunity to meet sometime with you. Maybe we can set up some golf with Gary Rich. Anyway Thanks for inventing something that has helped me, my family and I am sure will help many others!!” ~ Glenn Adams

“I am a strength coach for the Washington Nationals for their rookie ball team in Viera, Florida. Garrett Mock is rehabbing down here and he told me about your product. He let me sample some of it also and I enjoyed it. It has a great taste and cancer is not an issue. I was pretty hooked on chew for a few years. I have not chewed in about a month and a half. But lately I have been having urges to chew again. I was wondering if i can get a few sample cans of your product or if you can get me a good deal? Let me know what you can do, thank you and god bless.” ~ Edwin Jimenez Jr.

Strength Coach, Washington Nationals

“Hey Lee. I received it yesterday. It’s Awesome !!!! I had actually gone three days without a dip when I received it. The urge (desire, need) to dip has been very strong since I quit but I’ve remained strong. Chewing gum has helped me through the tough times. Since I received the Nip, I have used it about three times and now find myself wanting some Nip rather than a dip. It tastes great, gives me the real dip-like sensation when it’s in my mouth and it really satisfies the craving. Thank you so much !!! I have recommended it to a friend already ( gave him one of my cans ). I will continue to recommend to all my dipping friends. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~ Trey Granier

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve 21 been chewing for 8 years. I have 2 kids and a fiance and realizing how important life is and how sad it would be if I could never tell my kids I love them or kiss my fiance for the rest of my life. Thank you for making a product for the right reasons not for the money.”

I really want to thank you for taking the time in actually sending a single person your product. I have never in my life seen or heard of a company owner caring and showing so much concern to his customers. I have received your product N.I.P. and i honestly can say it is very good, it is very moist, taste full and I find my self craving it much like a tobacco product or an energy drink or soda.
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“Got the Nip today and it is great hope to order lots more in the near future! Great product. Thanks!”

“Lee, My mouth is no longer sore. Must have been amount used and duration. Today is week two I have used all five of my last order. Your product has turned out to work great for me, thank you!! I am going to probably place another order for the coming weeks. Thank you for your prayers. Take care and have a great day.” ~ Billy

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  • You guys graciously, quickly, and enthusiastically responded to my inquiry and request for a sample. You sent me a packet of wintergreen ice flavor. I am impressed with the bright flavor and ample juiciness. The texture feels natural to me as well. I greatly am enjoying this sample and will be ordering more as soon as possible. I appreciate your creating and backing up such a great product with enthusiastic polite customer service. I am already craving another nip chew, even moreso than another tobacco chew! Thank you very much!

  • I recently got a sample of Nip energy dip. The overall experience was good. It was relatively close to dipping, and the flavor was nice. Didn’t feel any real change as far as energy goes, but it did quench my appetite to dip temporarily.

  • I recently received a free sample of the Nip ICE and it was amazing. This product cannot really be compared to any other “fake dip” however it has taken a place among my favorites. First of all, the customer service is about the best I have had from anyone online as far as smokeless alternatives. My emails were responded to within a couple hours and I received the product within only a few days of my inquiry. As far as taste, this stuff is great. There is a strong wintergreen/mint flavor here with that “icy” feeling. I must also add that the smell was a great foreshadowing of the taste. As I opened the package the smell was very cool and refreshing. The reason I say that I cannot compare this product to other alternatives is that its feel and appearance are very different, after all it is made of sea sponge. It is very moist and soft which is a great relief after some very harsh alternatives I have sampled. The appearance of the chew looks like, well, sponge. I was a little thrown off at the first glance but stayed optimistic and I’m glad I did. The juice is great to just swallow if that doesn’t bother you. It is very refreshing and I did feel myself become more focused as I was working on college homework. Overall, this is an amazing product and the customer service is the best bar none. I only wish I could have a full can! I will definitely be ordering a few soon, thank you for an amazing product!

  • I recently received a sample of Nip ICE and it was very good. It is nothing like any of the other fake dips offered on the market today, but is the most expensive. I was a 10 can a week Copenhagen Snuff user and stopped dipping after 28 years two years ago. Since I quit… I’ve tried all of the alternatives offered… some are no longer in business. This product does have a tremendous amount of flavor and the texture is very nice. I’d rate it at a 7 for alternatives. I have become accustomed to pouches now and would really like to see Nip make a pouch and especially become a little cheaper. The company I use now has regular and pouches and each can is $2.45.

  • I received my first can of Nip Energy Dip yesterday! I have been trying to to quit for a while and this is the best product yet! It has the most real feel compared to the tobacco ones. Overall great product!

  • There is nothing like this product on the market … the texture and subtle flavor are perfect… the only complaints I have is the price…. seems high for a tobacco alternative and also the small selections of flavors…. I hope these are things you consider towards the future… I need to quite dip for my health but love the oral fixation that relieves stress for me …. and if those two things are considered I would be a very loyal customer from here on out .. thank you


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