The Texture Of NIP Is AMAZING – Very Soft On The Gums

I really want to thank you for taking the time in actually sending a single person your product. I have never in my life seen or heard of a company owner caring and showing so much concern to his customers. I have received your product N.I.P. and I honestly can say it is very good, it is very moist, taste full and I find my self craving it much like a tobacco product or an energy drink or soda. The texture of N.I.P. is amazing when I chew tobacco I find my lip and gum’s to get sore and tender. N.I.P. is very soft on the gums do to the foam like texture it actually expands in your lip very little is needed to fill like you have a full dip in. I love this product. It tastes good, it smells good, it feels great in my lip and its really juicy . Doesn’t go dry like tobacco. My wife isn’t telling me I stink anymore and it makes me just feel better about myself. Thank you Lee Lewis for sending me your product. And also a special thanks to Don Mitchell. I was just in shock when I got it I really just thought it was going to be like any other company and id never see it. I am very thankful for it. It even had a hand written letter from Don stating that you Lee Lewis personally asked him to send me the product which just shows what kind of company N.I.P. The Grip really is. Special thanks from me and my family.

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